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  • Website Design for Doctors

    An Internet search for websites that mention the word 'doctors' yields over 100,000,000 results. Those website results range from the encyclopedic to the conversational. The Internet has become a conduit for patients and medical professionals alike to find and disseminate information. More and more doctors are realizing that if they don't have a website, they need to get one.

    However, a poorly designed medical doctor's website can mar that all-important first impression and sabotage the effects of those online communications. Today's doctors are inundated with responsibilities and need to have confidence that their marketing partners will honor their reputation and create messaging that is purposeful, accurate and professional.

    Karen Spencer Design is an advertising, marketing and website design firm that understands the concerns associated with medical website design for doctors. Doctor's websites must be informative and sophisticated, yet inviting and reassuring. They must also be designed to achieve the goals of the practice.

    Patients are using the Internet to find doctors and medical information. Before rushing into inadequate website design, contact us today to learn more about our careful, professional approach to website design for doctors.