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    I represent a company that has been in business for over twenty years and we are interested in modernizing our corporate branding design. The current design has been in place since the company's inception and we are looking to engage a forward-thinking creative services firm that can put a new face on our corporate branding design, while preserving our established brand recognition and maintaining the trust of our customers. Do the designers of the Karen Spencer Design firm have the creativity and branding know-how necessary to help guide us through this transition?

    At Karen Spencer Design, we understand the value of well-established corporate branding. Pervasive brand awareness can mean the difference between sales and lost opportunities and changes to that imagery and messaging should be done cautiously and purposefully.

    When modifying corporate branding design, it is important to identify the reasons for the changes. For example, does the existing design need a subtle shift to a more contemporary look or does the company need to adopt a fresh new design to encourage a shift in audience perception? Understanding the purpose of the changes is instrumental in developing new corporate branding design that accurately and effectively accomplishes the marketing goals.

    At Karen Spencer Design we make an investment in understanding our clients' businesses, identities, corporate culture, market position and customer demographics. This approach allows us to work as a team with our clients as we translate that knowledge into strategically effective communications. We are confident that our problem solving procedures and design principles succeed in communicating our clients' corporate image and marketing objectives, while maintaining exceptional visibility in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

    Whether you are looking to spruce up existing corporate branding design or start from scratch, the Karen Spencer Design firm has the talent, proficiency and dedication needed to develop professional, creative corporate branding design that exceeds expectations.

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