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    My company is looking to engage a creative services agency for several short-term marketing projects. Our marketing team has a limited budget and tight schedule and the right agency will be able to produce marketing design that creatively and accurately reflects our corporate branding, within our budget and time constraints. Is Karen Spencer Design the right creative services agency for us?

    Karen Spencer Design is an award-winning creative services agency that specializes in dynamic, original marketing design. We make an investment in understanding our clients' businesses, identities, corporate culture, market position and customer demographics. This approach allows us to work as a team with our clients as we translate that knowledge into strategically effective marketing design.

    We have deep background in several specific marketing arenas, including direct marketing, medical marketing, fund raising, publishing, antique collectibles, and the education, construction, medical, trade show and alcoholic beverages industries. Our size and internal structures allow us to meet our clients' requirements while working comfortably within time and budget constraints.

    The Karen Spencer Design creative services agency has the talent and experience necessary to help you successfully reach your marketing goals - within your budget and on your terms.

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