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Powerful Marketing Design Services
Marketing design is the most important element of any marketing strategy. Without design that accurately, dynamically, and creatively communicates the corporate mission, marketing efforts will be unsuccessful.

Karen Spencer Design understands the need for powerful, original marketing design. Our years of marketing experience have taught us that marketing communications will only be as effective as the marketing materials designed for those communications.

Our firm works with each client as if we had only one client. We take the time to listen, and to open our senses to the business of our clients. We use our creative and artistic talents to translate those sounds, textures, scents, and colors into energetic, striking, and powerful visual marketing materials.

Our associates have waded through the trenches of corporate advertising and marketing, and know what is needed for marketing design to stand out from the noise of competitive messages. We understand the calculated, corporate imperative for a well-developed, strategic marketing communications plan, and we have the solid experience needed to design a plan that will meet the corporate goals. It is our imperative to not only successfully address concrete business concerns and meet corporate goals, but also to explore the humanity of the people involved and develop creative marketing design that will elicit emotion, passion, and imagination.

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