College of Mount Saint Vincent

April 5, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in recommendation of Karen Spencer Design, a firm I have had the pleasure of working with for the past three years. It is a relationship that has been characterized by excellence, professionalism, collaborative creativity, and timely responsiveness to the College’s design and print needs.

As Director of Public Relations and Publications, and now as Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement, I have been responsible for developing all printed materials including invitations, brochures and handouts, posters, advertising for various media, the annual report and various other printed materials for the past four years. Victoria Baum and Herbert Rodas have provided outstanding design work on each project, tailored to the goals for each piece and the parameters we define at the outset of each project. They are extremely adept at understanding our branding and style, and creatively incorporating various elements into their designs.

I have worked with several graphic design firms, and the quality of work, ease of collaboration, and attention to detail and responsiveness to our needs Karen Spencer Design has delivered are consistently outstanding. Unlike other design firms we have worked with, estimates are always accurate and inclusive, eliminating the surprises we have experienced elsewhere when a final project bill arrives. And when the scope of a project does change, always as a result of a change we as the client have made, its impact on the original estimate is always clearly identified ahead of time.

Finally, and equally important, all work is completed as scheduled, and coordination and follow through with printers and a variety of advertising media is never a concern. Many a last minute project has been accomplished without any compromise of quality, and I have always felt complete confidence that each phase of a project would be completed satisfactorily.

I would highly recommend Karen Spencer Design, and the team of Victoria Baum and Herbert Rodas, to any prospective client. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance in your decision to work with them.


Madeleine Melkonian
Associate Vice President
Institutional Advancement & College Relations.

6301 riverdale avenue riverdale, new york 10471, (718) 405-3423