home town: Larchmont, NY
work: 914 273-9517
email: victoria@karenspencerdesign.com
sign: Scorpio (Scorpion)
Victoria Baum

Victoria is Vice-President of the Publishing Division at Karen Spencer Design, Inc.

Victoria brings a 20+ year background of business management, typography, advertising, and printing to KSD. Victoria's primary responsibilities include designing and producing 24 issues yearly of NP World News, The American Journal of Nurse Practitioners, and Women's Health Care, A Practical Journal for Nurse Practitioners.

Victoria was a partner in a small printing company for 9 years, where she discovered a passion for typography and left to pursue a freelance career while raising a family. Prior to joining Karen Spencer Design, she was production/traffic manager/graphic designer for a premier Westchester advertising agency.

Among her "off duty" interests are home decorating, gardening, and reading.